About Let's Relate

Provide your answers to easy Multiple-Choice type Questions, share opinions and get the best mind match! Let’s Relate is perfect to improve relationships with your friend, partner, or stars & leaders!
Do you want to be surrounded by like-minded friends? Or even more important, do you want to find your perfect partner/spouse?
Introducing Let’s Relate – the mind-matching app where you answer quiz type multiple choice questions and can see your compatibility with friends, loved ones, or even global stars and leaders.
The app helps to:
  • Get a better understanding of yourself: Know yourself better by answering practical questions of important matters in life.
  • Improve the quality of your friendships: strengthen friendships with like-minded people that share the compatible views with you and match better with your opinions and answers
  • Improve relationships & marriage matches: Relate better with your partner/fiancée by matching your answers with his/her answers. Discover if a fling or potential arranged marriage is truly worth it. No matter how you have met/found your life-partner, it is important to know him/her for a more fulfilling relationship. Let’s Relate provides an easy and friendly tool to assess the compatibility between two partners. It can be particularly useful while screening potential candidates before "Arranged Marriages". It is more required now when we can’t mingle with people in this time of coronavirus pandemic to know them better.
  • Connect with stars & leaders: See how stars and leaders will answer your questions.
  • Enjoy the fun and excitement of sharing the Let’s Relate results on Social Media.
25 questions in each of the four modules (Friend, Partner, Star and Leader) are free. In-App Purchase is available for buying more questions for yourself and to gift it to someone for comprehensive mind-matching…